Ethical practice

Although recent business scandals have acted as a catalyst for the extensive coverage of ethical practice in higher education, in the research literature little attention has been paid to undergraduate programs and curricula as MBA programs proliferate. The teaching and learning of ethical practice is intended, like the other attributes, to develop and enhance a variety of skills, competencies and behaviours such as, awareness and sensitivity, analytical skills, higher-order thinking skills, adaptation for future profession, etc.

Overall, the research generally suggests that some pedagogical approaches are more effective than others “but it is difficult to affect long-run change in those predisposed to unethical behaviour” (Bodkin & Stevenson, 2007, p.207). Although those activities and strategies espoused as ‘best’ practice are generally done so on experiential evidence, the strategies and activities are designed within critical, constructivist, and active learning pedagogies: well-considered the most effective pedagogical approaches for enhancing students learning and teaching practices in regard to fostering higher-order skills, autonomous and collaborative learning. “Future researchers need to examine actual course content at the program level to determine the inclusion across courses and pedagogy tools used or needed to teach it” (Nicholson & DeMoss, 2009, p.217). Despite the trend in the extant research literature, “no emerging model shows the best pedagogy to use while integrating business ethics into the broader curriculum” (Cagle et al., 2008, p.77).

Strategies and Activities for Promoting and Enhancing the Development of Graduate Skills:

  • Graduate Skills Review

Ethical Practice (with critical thinking and teamwork)

  • Ethical Dilemmas – group presentation
  • Debate activity
  • ABC Learning
  • Bailing out the banks
  • Desalination
  • Drug testing
  • Immigration policy
  • Immigration policy – support documents
  • Indigenous economics
  • Indigenous economics – support materials
  • Monitoring emails
  • Recycled Water
  • Retirement Incomes case study
  • Transport

Assessing ethical practice

  • Standards of Achievement: critical thinking, ethical practice, sustainability and teamwork

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